PurrSong Catnip Cushion

Cushion Pillow for Cat

“ I bet you’ve never seen this kind before ! ”


Specially Designed

A Purr-fect Gift For Cats!

  • A perfect size for cats to cuddle
    Height : 25cm / 9.8″
    Length : 16cm / 6.3″
    Size of Cat Cushion Pillow
  • Irresistible cat toy
    P-shaped cushion and pointy ears are
    just perfect for cats to grasp and play.
    Let them get into a real fun!
    Cat friendly cushion pillow
  • Oxford Fabric
    Made of thick thread that is known for a cool, strong,
    and tough fabric, hence it won’t worn out that easily.
    Thick threaded cat cushion pillow
  • Catnip Cushioning
    Sufficiently filled with catnip
    and cotton to provide a soft cushioning.
    Catnip filled cushion pillow
What is catnip?
Catnip is a type of herb that is known for relaxation, anxiety
reduction, and stress and even pain relief.
It also helps with separation anxiety when cats are home alone.


Natural Catnip

And We Picked Out The Good Ones!

Cats eat catnips and PurrSong makes sure to choose
the best quality catnips for your cat’s safety

  • Chemical-free pillow cushion


  • Organic farmed cushion pillow

    Organic Farming

Chemical-free natural catnip
Helps digestion, stress reduction, mental and physical stability, increased appetite, and hairball
prevention. Let your cat play with the chemical-free & natural catnip

We Love your Cat

Handmade & Heart Full of Love

Handmade & Heart Full of Cat Cushion Pillow

Marinade noun
[,mærI’neId] [countable, uncountable]

a mixture of oil, wine, spices, etc., in which meat, fish or other food is left before
it is cooked in order to make it softer or to give it a particular taste

This handmade cushion is dipped in catnip water

2g of natural catnip pieces inside is a bonus

Handmade & Heart Full of Cat Cushion Pillow

We are the ones who care about your cat
※ Precaution
1.There may be no reaction depending on cat’s tendency and the degree of response may vary.
2.Frequent use can reduce interest, hence it is recommended to use for about two hours at a time.
3.The scent of catnip may fade away after washing.
4.Since it is 100% handmade, some stitches may not be constant.

Catnip Cushion

Handmade Cushion

Catnip Cushion for Cat
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