Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put the dispenser near LavvieBot S or other cat toilets?

Yes, you can. However, putting a water dispenser too close to the litter boxes may cause sanitary problems.

Can I put any liquid besides water into the dispenser?

Putting any liquid besides water will hinder the performance of the Water Dispenser and will cause malfunctions.

How many cats are recommended for using one Water Dispenser?

There’s no specific limit as to how many cats use one Water Dispenser, but up to 2 cats are recommended for the maximum performance of the Water Dispenser.

Can I connect the Water Dispenser to Wifi or Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect the Water Dispenser to Wifi or Bluetooth to receive notifications and status of the unit.

Connecting the Water Dispenser to Wifi will also allow users to receive notifications each time the cat(s) drink water from the water dispenser.

How often do I have to refill the water in the tank?

It depends on the water consumption level of the cat(s). However, the users will be notified when the water needs to be refilled.

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